This website is dedicated to the teachings of the truth given to the earth human being by the truth announcer `Billy` Eduard Albert Meier who has written:
``Planet Earth and its inhabitants are suffering from diverse ills caused singularly and exclusively by man himself. These already existing ills, however, will continue to proliferate until finally everything completely deteriorates.
Why don't you reflect on what kind of world you would like to live in. Does genuine, sincere humanitarianism, love, charity and truth not surpass all false humanitarianism, false charity and lies?. Above all ask yourself``:
We are currently in the second transition stage in moving from the age of Pisces, the age of faith and belief,
into the age of Aquarius, the age of reason and understanding in which a revolution of truth will occur. This stage began on the 3rd of February, 1937 at the time of birth of the truth announcer `Billy` Eduard Meier, whose mission to bring the timeless teachings of truth to the earth human being began in 1975, as also his contacts with the extraterrestrial woman Semjase, who was to be his teacher for the next few years.
For thousands of years the earth human being has been enslaved by cult religious sects and rather than use
his powers of reasoning, he has opted for the belief that all he had to do was to be subservient to some supposed divine entity and by following certain cultish rituals he would reserve for himself a place in heaven or paradise, where he could live in splendour for all time.
Yet the teachings of the truth tell us that if we accept that the greatest power in the universe is the Creation,
which demands nothing from us, and if we simply follow the laws and recommendations of Creation,
which in effect are the laws of nature and a set of logical guidelines, then life will go well for us i.e. a life of love,
harmony and fulfillment of our destiny.
 A Mission of Truth:
Billy is assisted in his mission by a group of people who are members of an organisation called FIGU
which is based at the Semjase Silver Star Centre in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland.
Billy Meier - `An Interview with a UFO Contactee`
    "In what type of world do I want my children and my children's children to live?"
The Age of Aquarius:
 Plejaren Beamship Type 1
 The Pleiades Star Cluster
Your future is intertwined with every human being who lives on Earth, as well as all other lifeforms and the earth itself.
If you are sincere in your desire to live life to the full as a caring and responsible human being, then you need to seek the truth about our past, about life and death, with knowledge of how to fulfill your destiny. It is not enough to simply believe or have faith, or to live this life as if there is no future beyond this life or in some belief that when you die you will go to a place known as heaven or paradise, which to any person capable of logical thought is nothing more than a fantasy. This website should serve as a catalyst in your SEARCH for TRUTH.
   OM, Canon 35, Verse 111
 Walk in the light of truth like children of the light,
    for it is the radiating light which is full of love,
    kindness, justice and truth within knowledge.
 Billy Meier
``We (FIGU) are not a religious nor a sectarian group, nor are we a political, military nor civil community group based upon any totalitarian and autocratic truth. Neither are we perfect in any way or all-knowing, and for this reason we cannot disseminate perfect teachings – many questions remain for which we have no answers. But we can disseminate the truth about the Creational-natural laws and directives with which we are familiar and for whose accuracy we can vouch. We state that it is the sole, pure truth for which everyone can search within and by themselves, in nature and one’s surroundings everywhere, and that everyone can experience and see it, provided the person is willing to look for and retrieve it. To this end there exists no other truth than the one that actually exists. And this is the precise truth we advocate.``
  The Semjase Silver Star Centre (SSSC)
Sketch by C. Krukowski
The quoted writings and beamship photos on this website are from the works of `Billy` Eduard Meier. This also includes the sketches of Semjase and Jmmanuel as also the peace symbol. Judas Iscarioth wrote the Talmud Jmmanuel, which was translated from the Aramaic into German by Isa Rashid and further by Billy, who also coded the German text. Several people were responsible for translating the German into English. Quotes here are from the 4th Edition.
The Pleiades Star Cluster
Plejaren Beamship Type 1
Billy Meier the Truth Announcer
Semjase the Plejaren ET
The Semjase Silver Star Centre (SSSC) in Switzerland
Teachings of truth as given by Billy Meier, including knowledge about life, death, our past and our extraterrestrial lineage.
                                                                                                                                                             Charles Page: B.Sc. (physics), Dip.Ed.