The human being is a unity of two parts - the material consciousness and spiritual consciousness, which reside in a material body. Through life experiences, the consciousness and spirit form of the human being evolve and this occurs over many life times until there is no further need for a material body. Further evolution occurs in the fine matter realm until ultimately the spirit, which is a fragment of Creation, has achieved the level of Creation itself and unites with It. 
v.1              Jmmanuel preached powerfully, saying,
                "Behold, Creation stands above humanity,
          above god and above everything.
v.15   "Thus, the human being perfects himself so extensively
                       that he unfolds in a Creational manner
                   and ultimately becomes one with Creation,
                as it was destined from the earliest beginning."
The Death Life:
Death occurs when the spirit leaves the body and enters the fine matter world of the `beyond`, together with the comprehensive consciousness block which is responsible for the dissolving of the old personality and the formation of a new personality. In the `beyond` the spirit evolves according to the eternal truths which have been learned during the last life. The time spent in the `beyond` is about
1.52 x the life span under normal circumstances.
The reality is that our spirit (which is not our soul!) is immortal, since it is a fragment of Creation, and over billions of years it evolves until finally it unites with the Creation. Through the experiences of life, in which we learn by trial and error, we gain knowledge of the absolute truths which endure for all time and our spirit evolves accordingly.
The earth human being has been evolving for about 12 million years and for this first stage of development he will continue to evolve for a further 50 to 70 million years, during which time his spirit will reincarnate into material bodies with different personalities. Therefore we have to look beyond one lifetime. With this in mind it is therefore important to realise that if we leave the world in a mess, then we will have to live in this mess, if we allow abusive people to become parents, then we might be born to such parents. So the future is not just for "our children and our children's children", but also for ourselves.
v.64 "Thus the law says that a human being is a unity in itself,
             which consists of two equal parts that form a unity,
                     both within themselves and also together.
v.65         "And the two equal parts in the human being,
                 each of which constitutes a unity within itself,
                             are the body and the spirit."
Plejaren Beamship Type 5
Plejaren Beamship Type 5
Talmud Jmmanuel -Chapter 34
Talmud Jmmanuel - Chapter 34
The Planetary Storage Banks:
In a fine matter space-time dimension centered on the earth we have what is referred to as the planetery storage banks. Everything that we think or do is stored in the planetary storge banks in electromagnetic form and at a particular frequency which is unique for each person. During our lifetime, impulses can pass from the planetary storage banks into our subconsciousness and we thereby gain knowledge accumulated in our past lives, which may appear as inspirations or some particular talent. When our consciousness has evolved sufficiently, we are able to recall knowledge from the storage banks at will through meditation.
The bulk of humanity have the belief that they have a life span of some seventy years on average, after which they (or their soul) leave this world, bound for heaven or paradise, where they meet their already departed loved ones and friends and in the presence of God or some other deity, they spend an eternity in blissful retirement. Of course this defies all logic and is no more than wishful thinking or misguided belief. How foolish we must be if we believe that the Creation, which has created this wonderful universe with such incredible detail and order, would give us a passport to heaven provided that we regularly perform certain rituals such as praying, singing hymns and confessing our sins. Surely there must be a greater plan which stretches beyond a mere seventy years. One reason for this misconception is that the earth human being has little understanding of the concept of time, for he has been misled into believing that his historical past is compressed into a few thousand years and his interest in the future amounts to only one or two generations, when he makes such statements as "I would like to ensure that the world of the future is a better world for my children and my children's children", which very often are just empty words.
You shall teach your children so that they are firmly grounded (taught) in the knowledge of all things of existence (life) and in the teaching of truth, the teaching of spirit, the teaching of life, therefore also in the things of life, dying and death, so that they do not worry about life and do not have one iota of uncertainty and so that the greatest reward of life may be granted to them.
                                                 The Goblet of Truth - Ch. 3, v. 209
On the 21st day after conception the spirit form reincarnates into the embryo, together with the incarnation of the consciousness and the personality. The embryo is now transformed into the foetus and as it's heart starts to beat, the conscious life of the consciousness begins and the foetus develops into a human being.
The truth of life is that after this life death takes control, after which a new all-of-yourself (personality) is set up in a new life, for which thankfulness shall be given.
                                                                                      The Goblet of Truth - Ch. 2, v. 98