Sirius (far right)
           Lyra and the star Vega
              Pleiades star cluster
The earth human being evolved from an earlier primate ancestor some 12 million years ago. However for hundreds of thousands of years extraterrestrial human beings with an evolutionary history of over 8 billion years have colonised the earth and as a consequence have mixed their genes with the original earth human being's descendants. We thereby refer to the Henok lineage of 8 billion years ago which originated in the region of Lyra-Vega and which divided into two primary branches. From these branches extraterrestrials have arrived on the earth at different times from various regions of the Milky Way galaxy, including other dimensions of space and time. Many were colonisers who mixed their genes with the descendants of the original earth human being. In particular:
1)On many occasions, undesirables were abandoned here and this occured as long ago as 22 million years.
2)389,000 years ago a large group of Lyra-Vegans arrived - from another space-time dimension.
3)190,000 years ago 70,000 Plejaren colonised the earth - beyond the Pleiades in another space-time dimension.
4)Mars and Malona were formerly inhabited - their ancestors coming from another space-time dimension of the Sirius region. Mars suffered a climatic change, so most of the population emigrated to Malona and Earth. Later Malona was destroyed by it's inhabitants and it's remains constitute the Asteroid Belt.
5)26,000 years ago yellow skinned colonisers arrived from the Lyra-Vega region - the ancestors of the Chinese and the Japanese.
So we earth human beings are neither unique, nor are we at the centre of the universe, which were the prevailing beliefs in the past. There are many civilisations throughout the universe at various stages of development; many having similar features to ourselves, with diverse skin colours and stature.
Furthermore we have a long history of colonisation which extends back much further than a mere few thousand years. For example, two great civilisations once existed: Atlantis in the North Atlantic (with Lesser Atlantis in the eastern Mediterranean) and Mu in what is now the Gobi desert. They mutually destroyed each other after peacefully existing for thousands of years, which is something which should give us cause for reflection -at the end of the 20th century we would have destroyed ourselves, if it was not for the intervention of extraterrestrials.
    Plejaren Beamship Type 3
Semjase Contact Reports-Block 1: Contact 1, Sentences 19-21
Semjase: "Man on Earth calls us extraterrestrials or star people or whatever he feels like. He falsely attributes to us supernatural feats and without knowing anything about us. In reality we are human beings just like you terrestrials, but our knowledge and wisdom are far superior to yours, and so is our technology."
N.B. Semjase is an extraterrestrial female beamship pilot (and was one of Billy's teachers) from planet Erra in the Plejaren star cluster ,which is 500 light years distance from Earth in the direction of the Pleiades and in another space-time dimension.
Henok Lineage primary branch developed in the Sirius region in another space-time dimension.
                        The `Sirians`
Henok Lineage originated here. A primary branch developed in another space-time dimension.
                    The `Lyra-Vegans`
Henok Lineage secondary branch developed in this region in another space-time dimension.
                          The `Plejaren`
The Henok Lineage
Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for hundreds of thousands of years and they have contributed to the gene pool of the earth human being. Many colonisations have occurred and the colonisers who came to Earth from Malona, before it was destroyed, were the descendants of genetically modified human beings whose origin was the Sirius region in another space-time dimension. These people had genes which limited their life span to 100 years and which gave them barbaric traits. The relatively recently  arrived yellow skinned people also had the same traits, because they had the same origin as the colonisers from Malona.
Plejaren Beamship Type 3
Sirius of our ET Lineage
Lyra-Vega is the origin of the Henok Lineage
The Plejaren live beyond the Pleiades star cluster