Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 7:
  "And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; bring forth
       abundantly in the earth and multiply in it."
A mere 12% of the entire Earth's landmass surface is entirely arable for agricultural and horticultural purposes. The remainder of the planet's surface consists of areas that cannot be cultivated, such as mountains, rocky terrains, tundras, arid regions, forests and deserts.
One single human being requires by nature 4000 square meters, or 63.245 x 63.245 meters of fertile ground or garden soil to feed him- or herself. Calculated for 8 billion people, this amounts to a total arable landmass requirement of about 32 million square kilometers. Such an expanse is not available, however, because the entire planet's 12% arable land amounts to 18 million square kilometers  Ė 14 million square kilometers less than the 8 billion-strong humanity requires for adequate food production. This 12% surface is reduced daily and dwindles through erosion, desertification and the construction of homes, streets, airports, villages, mega-cities and all types of large sport facilities, etc. etc.

Plejaren Beamships
 Plejaren Beamships
Extracts from Billy Meier's Overpopulation Booklets:
   Population Reduction
                 Plan -
Worldwide Birthrate Check
    -problems minimised
    -world peace possible
   -enough food for all
   -improved environment
Leading to a life of
  Population Reduction
            No Plan
 137,000,000 deaths/year
    to stop the increase!!
       No reduction at all,
    so rapidly increasing 
 suffering and degeneration.
Earth Population Growth Graph
Man treats his native land, the Earth, its atmosphere, its bodies of water, its entire environment and its diverse life forms and species as objects, which he may simply utilise, use, destroy, plunder and then discard and destroy when he is through with them. Man's voracious appetite for everything the Earth has to offer, and his excessive urge to procreate will ultimately devour and destroy the planet and all life on it, where he will leave nothing behind except for a dead, barren wasteland.
Man now faces the unfortunate situation where the fishermen, farmers, gardeners and others cannot keep pace with the demands of population growth. This means that the extra hundreds of millions of people who are born every year, and who add to the current population masses, will only be fed if the people already alive now restrict their own food consumption. A totally new scenario now comes into play for Man, but he will not adjust to it.
  Man's insane desire to procreate is now leading him to the point where every social,
ecological and economic woe is climbing immeasurably beyond the point of recovery.
Consequently, millions of people will continue to starve to death; indeed, they will starve in ever-increasing
      numbers and this is apart from the many more who are malnourished and thereby are suffering.
In his megalomanic delusions of grandeur, man has already shown himself to be so inhumane, uncharitable and feebleminded as to allow everything around him to degenerate into limitless cowardice: His realistic and reasonable thinking, along with true love, charity, humanitarianism and love of truth, have all become completely desensitized. Hence, he is no longer able to recognize that terrestrial humankindís major problems are caused by the liability of overpopulation. This situation can only be relieved by the strictest birth control measures.
In his absurdity and selfishness Man, who loves to call himself the crowning glory of Creation, has proliferated to such a degree that he has now become a vicious threat to all life throughout the globe. Man is the greatest menace to the Earth. He has by now initiated dangerous changes to countless lives worldwide, while humankind's population continues to grow incessantly at a furious, constantly increasing pace. For this reason alone Earth continues to turn into a wasteland. 
Man fancies himself as being the crown of Creation. Indeed, he believes that by having the capability to think he is allowed to regard himself as superior to everything else. Thus, he believes he is entitled to permit planetwide, human overpopulation, and that he can ignore the laws and directives of nature and trample them with his feet.
Man has ignored the laws and recommendations of Creation and by allowing human overpopulation to occur on Earth he has become a threat to life on this planet. The insanity of overpopulation is supported by certain religious cults who believe in this foolish statement:
Rather than maintaining a reasonable population level of about 0.5 billion, man has allowed the population on Earth to increase to about 8 billion in a mere 300 years.