Talmud Jmmanuel - Chapter 28, v. 59 & v. 60
Gods of the Past:
The gods of the past were in fact extraterrestrial leaders who had great wisdom and knowledge and so the original meaning of the word god meant `king of wisdom`(i.e. the highest level of knowledge that can be obtained while in a material body). Their stature (many were titans) and the beamships which they used, must have amazed the primitive earth human beings who revered and worshipped these gods. Rather than give the true origin of the earth human being, it was convenient for such a god to elevate himself to the level of a divine being and creator of the universe, so that he could then claim that human beings were his creations. Jehovah, who is God of the `Old Testament`, proclaimed himself to be such a divine god and he was well known by the Plejaren, our extraterrestrial cousins.

Religions are sects for which an almighty god has the most important role and not the human being, and religious teachings and cult behaviours demand an unconditional worship of god as well as cult objects and the compliance with divine laws and commandments etc. The religions are based on `holy books` and the teachings of certain prophets, however these `holy books` have been largely falsified and the teachings twisted to such an extent that they no longer represent the truth.
A sequence of seven prophets with the same spirit form have incarnated on the earth, with the mission to bring the spirit teachings to the earth human being, so that by following Creation's laws and recommendations he can evolve and lead a life of harmony.
These prophets are: Henoch, Elia, Jesaia, Jeremia, Jmmanuel, Mohammed and `Billy` (Eduard Albert Meier).
Unfortunately the earth human being has not followed the true teachings of the prophets, because these teachings have been falsified with the intent of perpetuating a hierarchial power within each religion, so in fact the mindless `sheeple` dance to the tune of their religious leaders from the cradle to the grave.
Jmmanuel and the Talmud Jmmanuel:
Beamship and Reconnaisance Ship
Sketch by Semjase
Christianity stems from the teachings of the biblical prophet Jesus Christ, but there was no such historical person. The life of this fictional character is based on that of Jmmanuel (Immanuel), whose life story is written in the `Talmud Jmmanuel` which has been translated into several languages since the discovery of the scrolls in the so called burial cave of Jmmanuel in Jerusalem in 1963. Some key truths which are found in this book and which point to the falsifications in the New Testament of the bible are:
*Jmmanuel was begotten by the extraterrestrial Gabriel.
*Judas Iscarioth wrote the Talmud Jmmanuel and was not the betrayer. Jmmanuel was betrayed by Judah Iharioth, the son of the pharisee Simeon.
*Jmmanuel did not die on the cross. He was in a state of near death and was healed by some friends from India, who entered the burial chamber through a secret entrance through which Jmmanuel escaped after 3 days.
*Eventually Jmmanuel travelled to Kashmir together with Judas, his mother Mary and his brother thomas.
*Jmmanuel married, had several children and died and was buried in Srinigar, Kashmir, at the age of 113.
From `49 Questions`, Q.33 - Who Was Jehovah?:
Contact 39, 3-12-1975. A conversation between Billy and the Plejaren woman Semjase:
Semjase: . . . I am quite familiar with his features. You terrestrials refer to him as the God from the bible, but we named him `Jehovah the Unjust and Cruel`. His death took place approximately 2,150 years ago. He was a very evil and power-hungry life form who ruled during the same period as another, kind JHWH [Ishwish], and who led countless human beings on Earth to death and destruction.
Billy: . . . and to whom today's Christianity still pays a hellish tribute.
The Prophet Jmmanuel a.k.a. Jesus Christ
     Beamship and Reconnaissance-ship
Talmud Jmmanuel Ch. 26
35. "You will load great guilt upon yourself, for in your ignorance you will misunderstand my teachings and will therefore preach them incorrectly.
36. "Your speech will be confused and people throughout the world will be enslaved by it and will worship the false teaching.
37. " Just as you will bind the land of the Hellenes (Greeks) to an evil religious cult because of your erroneous teachings, so you will call me "the Anointed" in their language.
38. "It will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that they will call me Jesus Christ, which means `the Anointed`.
39. "And it will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that human blood will be shed in this name, so much that it cannot be held in all existing containers.
42. "Truly, I say to you: Like so many others, you will be greatly at fault that my teachings will be adulterated and human species will establish erroneous (religious) cults.
43. "You, however, will be the cornerstone of the folly by which I will be called `Jesus Christ` and the `redeemer` for a deluded (religious) cult."
Jmmanuel talking to Saul, known later as Paul
"god and his celestial sons are other human species who have come from the stars out of the depths of space in their machines of metal.
"Creation stands immeasureably higher than god and his celestial sons, who are the guardian angels.
Jehovah is God of the Old Testament
Sketch by Semjase