Represents the SOL-system orbiting the central star of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Precession of the Equinoxes
The 21st March is the vernal equinox. On that day beyond the sun there will be a particular constellation. As SOL (the sun) travels around the central star of the galaxy, at the time of the vernal equinox the background of stars will change and the sun will seem to progress from one constellation to another.
In one orbital revolution of almost 26,000 years, the sun will seem to `move through` 12 constellations (about 2,150 years per constellation). For about the last 2,150 years the sun has been `moving through` Pisces. It is now starting to move into Aquarius; hence we will move into the `Age of Aquarius`.
This phenomena occurs because the earth's axis rotates once every 26,000 years, like one wobble of a top, giving rise to the term the `Precession of the Equinoxes`.
The Mayan Calendar
According to the Mayan calendar, the 21st December 2012 represents the climax of a star pattern that only appears once in about
every 26,000 years. A particular astronomic phenomena will be visble on this day. The doomsdayers, of course, predict that a calamity will occur on this day, which is nonsense. Solar activity will peak in 2012 (an 11 year cycle) and will be even more active due to the mentioned star pattern.
Consequently, sun storms will be exceptionally large and the earth will be bombarded with much radiation. Even a `cosmic mass ejection` (CME) could occur, which if it hit the earth, would cause much damage.
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Bedeutende Auszüge aus dem 476. Kontaktgespräch...
... vom 3. Februar 2009
… Ausserdem möchte ich einmal offiziell den 21. Dezember 2012 ansprechen, weil ich immer und immer wieder danach gefragt werde, was es denn mit diesem Datum gemäss dem Maya-Kalender zu tun habe. Zwar weiss ich aus privaten Erklärungen eurerseits, was sich da alles zutragen wird, auch über das ganze Jahr 2012 hinweg, worüber ich jedoch schweigen soll, um bei den Menschen nicht Ängste auszulösen und nicht Panikmache zu betreiben. Also dachte ich, dass ich in einem Sonder-Bulletin etwas darüber schreibe. Vielleicht wäre es gut, wenn ich einmal einiges darüber sage, was ich von euch weiss, zumindest in allgemeiner Form, vielleicht als eine kleine Wahrscheinlichkeit oder Möglichkeit. Was meinst du dazu?
… Was nun den 21. Dezember 2012 und dieses Jahr überhaupt betrifft, so kannst du wohl gewisse Dinge offen nennen, jedoch das verschweigen, was dir zum Schweigen geraten wurde. Wenn du die Formen der Möglichkeit oder einer kleinen Wahrscheinlichkeit benutzt, dann ist das wohl gut.
Dann möchte ich dir dies hier vorlesen, das ich bereits für ein Sonder-Bulletin geschrieben habe. Es wäre vielleicht gut, wenn ich jetzt bei unserem Gespräch darauf eingehe, so könntest du mich unterbrechen und mich daran hindern, wenn ich etwas sage, das verschwiegen werden soll.
Deine Idee ist gut, und so lass denn hören, was du erklären willst.

Important excerpts from the 476th contact-conversation...
... of the 3rd February 2009
... furthermore I would like once more to speak officially about the 21st December 2012, because I am asked again and again about what this date has to do in regard to the Mayan calendar.  Admittedly, I know on your part from private explanations, everything which will occur then and over the whole year 2012, about which I shall be silent, however, to not arouse fears and to not cause scaremongering amonst the people. Therefore I thought that I should write something about it in a Special-Bulletin. Perhaps it would be good, if I once more say something about this, which I know from you, at least in general form, perhaps as a small probability or possibility. What do you think about that?
... what now in the first place involves the 21st December 2012 and this year, you can probably name certain things openly, however withhold that, what was advised to you to be silent about. If you use the form of the possibility or a small probability, then that is quite good.
Then I would like to read this here to you, that I already wrote for a Special-Bulletin. Maybe it would be fine, if I deal with it now during our conversation, so you could interrupt me and stop me, if I say something that should be withheld.
Your idea is good, and so then lets hear what you want to explain.

These contact notes include the truth about what is likely to occur in the year 2012 and ih the two years which precede this year. They also include information about `climate change` and what is known as `global warming`.
This is an unofficial translation by Charles Page of part of the conversation between Ptaah and Billy Meier; there may be errors.
Ptaah is a JHWH (`Ishwish` or god), which means that he is a leader of great knowledge and wisdom, and he is from the planet Erra in the Plejaren star cluster. Ptaah is responsible for monitoring the evolution of the people on 3 planets -Terra (Earth) and 2 Plejaren planets -Erra and Alartides; furthermore he is Billy's friend and he also assists Billy in his mission on Earth as truth announcer.
CONTACT 376 - February, 2009
The Whirlpool Galaxy
Solar System Orbit and the Year 2012
Much misinformation is given about the year 2012 and climate change, as well as global warming. What follows is some clarification about these events and in particular a conversation between the truth announcer Billy Meier and the Plejaren leader (`king of wisdom`) Ptaah.